Sunday, June 12, 2016

Starting Anew 3...Artistic Bats and Glam & Grit

It has been over 2 years since I posted as Whymsicalmusings. So much has changed. Life has changed. Not in bad ways just changed. I am busier than ever but want to start creating again. My daughter Leslie and my Daughter in Law Katie convinced me to start a craft business with them we named it 3...Artistic Bats as we are all a bit batty and artistic too! We opened a shop on etsy but it is currently on vacation as another opportunity came in at a little shop in downtown Calumet, Oklahoma called the Rusty Daisy. We packed up our creations rented a booth and moved right in! Our Husbands wanted to get creative then the Grandchildren wanted to get creative, my oldest son said I have some talent and his beautiful wife Cara does to so we all started creating there under the name of Glam & Grit it fit our eclectic upcycled journals, boxes, sketchpads and cards, jewelry, tags and altered items and their furniture, gnome homes, wood turned items and believe it or not crochet!
So even though this blog is titled 3...Artistic Bats we are a huge family collaboration with a bit of artistic talent to share. I am not sure what I will be posting on this blog it is something I will have to really think about. Probably a bit of this and that not that I think any one really cares it gives me a place to express how I feel about this great big crazy family of mine!

Well that is it for the first post be looking for more to come!

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